TGI Divers

The TGI Diving Center, located in Sheraton Miramar, offers every day short trips and full day boat trips for snorkeling. Discover the amazing Red Sea with the professional TGI team on the comfortable boat, equipped with a full range of snorkeling gear. The TGI team takes care of you in every moment of your exciting trip.

Don’t miss the chance to meet the bottlenose Dolphins in Shaab El Erg: Twice a week our boat plans the Dolphin House Trip. A great fun for the whole family! You will feel in every moment safe with our guide and instructor. The boat for short trip and full day starts every day from the Sheraton Jetty or the Abydos Marina.


Website and booking:
Phone: +2 01227411336
Phone Ext.: 110
Sheraton Ext.: 83002

open all year from 8am till 5:30pm