Your business on El Gouna Map

El Gouna Map is the official map of El Gouna and the complete register of all points of interests for tourists and residents. It lists all businesses in El Gouna free of charge. However if you want to highlight your business on the map and attract more customers by standing out of the masses, we offer additional features for a small monthly fee.

Reach of El Gouna Map

El Gouna Map currently (Oct 2012) receives around 17.000 page impressions per month with an upward trend. We provide information for up to 2000 unique visitors per month. On average, a visitor stays more than 10 minutes on the website, which indicates that they really explore El Gouna virtually on the map.

Since the middle of October 2012, El Gouna Map is linked by as the official map for El Gouna.

The increasing content over time, the use of social media and intensive search engine optimizations (SEO) will boost the amount of unique visitors. Our estimates  are 10.000 - 12.000 unique visitors with around 60.000 - 80.000 page impressions per month by the middle of 2013. We will reach this goal through the active use of social media, intensive SEO, strategic cooperations with international tour operators and as a basis, increasing high quality content.

3 Target Audiences

Our market research identifies three target audiences who are looking for more information about El Gouna:

1. Holiday Planners

By showing all amenities, restaurants and activities condensed in one website, El Gouna Map will influence the decision process of potential tourists positively and bring more customers to El Gouna itself. It highlights what makes El Gouna so unique: it's variety and the high quality standards. 

2. Tourists in El Gouna

El Gouna Map will offer them the centralized information source, which is always up-to-date, complete and easily to access. With featured activities of the day, tourists will get suggestions what to do in and around El Gouna.
El Gouna Map can be displayed on any recent smartphone or tablet computer supporting HTML5. Hence they can access it from everywhere where they have an Internet connection.

3. Residents

El Gouna Map will list featured events, parties and restaurant specials. In addition, restaurants can upload their menu card and in collaboration with Yalla delivery, it will be even easier for locals to order food from their favorite restaurant to their cozy homes.

Features and monthly plans

In order to keep the website up-to-date on a daily basis and guarantee always accurate information, El Gouna Map needs to offer its additional features for increased visibility for a small yearly fee of 50€.  Contact us for further details